Character Creation

Character Concept

This campaign is an adventure through the Land of Dead, the Underworld. Create a character from any point in human history, or even one from an alternate timeline. You’ll play this character from the moment of their death, preferably a violent or unexpected one. Ideas include Pre-History Hunter, Early Christian Evangel, Babylonian Royal Guard, Native American Shaman, Zulu Warrior, Philosopher of the Enlightenment, Shaolin Monk, Japanese Samurai or Ninja, 18th Century Pirate, Crusader of the Knight Templar, Industrial Era Oil Tycoon, Western American Gun Fighter, New Age Cult Leader, Black Ops Soldier, etc. You will be playing as the mythological idealization of an archetype of human civilization. Only one character is not allowed: Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

Ability Scores

Roll 4d6 and ignore the lowest number. Add up the rest and repeat until you have seven numbers. Ignore the lowest and assign the remaining six to your ability scores.

Available Classes

All character classes from the Pathfinder RPG are available to play. Remember that your class is an idealization of your character concept. For example, a Cult Leader who enthralled people with their personal charisma could be a sorceror with an emphasis on enchantment spells. A Roman Gladiator could be a Fighter or Barbarian. Your character could also use the D20 Modern system, if their concept doesn’t fit into a classic fantasy archetype. Please contact me if you’d like to adapt a D20 Modern character class to fit into the setting.

Character Creation

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